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Electron 3.1.4 2019-02-15T21:07:20Z ()

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • fix: crash when calling setProgressBar on macOS (backport: 3-1-x). #16726

  • build: ensure index.json is actually valid JSON before uploading (backport: 3-1-x). #16752

  • chore: disable get/setLoginItemSettings specs. #16843

  • build: ensure that the uploaded symbol path is correct for our symbol server. #16914

  • chore: bump libcc (3-1-x). #16971

  • Fix memory leak when using webFrame and spell checker (3-1-x). #16771

Electron 3.1.3 2019-01-31T21:58:28Z ()

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • [security] Fixed vulnerability that allowed Node to be re-enabled in child Windows. blog post.

  • feat: add registerAccelerator flag to allow menu items to optionally skip accelerator registration #15892

  • fix: correctly destroy spellcheck client #16526

  • fix: register accelerator if role has no registerAccelerator #16598

  • fix: move open handling to web-contents.js #16628

  • fix: return pointer instead of pointer's content #16641

Electron 3.1.2 2019-01-24T23:32:18Z ()

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • chore: backport cleanup changes to 3-1-x. #16395

  • chore: always try to nuke tags. #16452

  • docs: fix listener signatures in electron.d.ts. #16488

  • chore: bump libcc (3-1-x). #16516

  • fix: prevent double-destroy of window. #16512

Electron 3.1.1 2019-01-14T23:26:01Z ()

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Add instructions to get Notifications working on Win 10 Update. #16324

  • fix: properly determine if WebContents is offscreen in WebContentsDelegate (backport: 3-1-x). #16341

  • chore: bump libcc (3-1-x). #16331

  • backport: fix:menubar item fgcolor (3-1-x). #16222

  • chore: fix tag cleanup. #16354

  • test: allow retries for flaky mas loginitem specs. #16358

  • fix: don't register some shortcuts without accessibility. #16276

Electron 3.1.0 2019-01-07T18:46:55Z ()

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • docs: Update reference to xcode 8.3.3 (backport: 3-1-x). #16271

  • chore: add additional logging for release upload failures (3-1-x). #16277

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