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Electron 0.6.9 2013-11-07T09:09:18Z ()

Change log:

  • Show window icon on Windows.

Electron 0.6.8 2013-11-05T05:50:36Z ()


  • Fix toggling devtools window.
  • Fix no console output on Windows.

Electron 0.6.7 2013-11-02T09:04:26Z ()


  • Rebuild libchromiumcontent binary for Mac on OS X 10.9.

Electron 0.6.6 2013-10-28T02:54:08Z ()


  • Expose libuv's symbols on Windows.

Electron 0.6.5 2013-10-26T11:53:41Z ()


  • Makes atom-shell compile-able with VS 2010 Express.
  • Ship pdb file on Windows
  • Fix the empty resources folder on Windows distribution.

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