Stable Releases

Electron 0.5.4 2013-10-04T06:03:38Z ()


  • Add BrowserWindow.isVisible() API.
  • Fix side effect that BrowserWindow.focus() make the window become visible.

Electron 0.5.3 2013-09-29T14:01:14Z ()


  • Fix crash when sending http request.

Electron 0.5.2 2013-09-29T08:20:14Z ()


  • Fix possible crash when destroying native window.
  • Fix possible crash caused by changes of network envinroment.

Electron 0.5.1 2013-09-26T04:08:26Z ()


  • Fixes a possible crash caused by GC of event object.

Electron 0.5.0 2013-09-25T13:50:42Z ()


  • Calling synchronous API from renderer now doesn't block the browser.
  • Fix incorrect rounded corners on OS X.

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