Stable Releases

Electron 0.7.6 2013-12-09T06:53:56Z ()


  • Add fs.lstatSyncNoException(path) API.
  • Fix a crash when closing window.

Electron 0.7.5 2013-12-05T05:55:09Z ()


  • Use name and version fields of package.json as application's name and version.
  • Custom the user agent to contain application and atom-shell's name and version.

Electron 0.7.4 2013-12-04T14:26:10Z ()


  • Do not send "unresponsive" message if window is showing a modal dialog.
  • Kill zombie processes when renderer became unresponsive.

Electron 0.7.3 2013-11-29T08:35:55Z ()


  • Send "unresponsive" event for unresponsive window when closing it.
  • Fix getting result of synchronous dialog.
  • Add "CommandOrControl" for accelartors.

Electron 0.7.2 2013-11-28T13:12:57Z ()


  • Fix various problems of crash reporter.

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