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Electron 4.2.2 2019-05-17T02:14:19Z ()

Release Notes for v4.2.2


  • Fixed lagging when using tabbed window. #18314

Electron 4.2.1 2019-05-14T21:16:40Z ()

Release Notes for v4.2.1


  • Fixed a regression in Kerberos SPN generation. In the M69 upgrade, the default for the enable_negotiate_port option was inadvertently changed from false to true; this restores the former behavior and aligns with Chromium. #18287

Electron 4.2.0 2019-05-03T03:16:59Z ()

Release Notes for v4.2.0

This release is a minor bump as it contains exactly one new feature. app.userAgentFallback, this feature is outlined below along with the other fixes and changes that went into this release. The 4.2.x series is now only release line in the 4.x.y major release line that will receive bug fixes and security fixes. It is recommended you upgrade to 4.2.x.


  • Added new app.userAgentFallback property to allow setting the apps useragent globally. #18110


  • Fixed an issue on Windows where calling .show() on a BrowserWindow did not focus the window. #18079
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't respond to stream protocol requests with multiple values for the same header. #18094

Other Changes

  • Removed Vulkan validation layers DLLs from, which are only meant to be used for Chromium development. #18060

Electron 4.1.5 2019-04-24T23:57:41Z ()

Release Notes for v4.1.5


    • Added support for the new Japanese Era Reiwa (令和) to JavaScript date/time formatting APIs.

      • Updated ICU library to version 62.2
      • Updated IANA time zone data to tzdata2019a. #17833
  • Added missing module name to the exception message thrown when require fails in sandboxed renderers. #17704
  • Back-ported additional fix for font rendering in MacOS Mojave. #17737
  • Fixed 'loaded' event not being emitted in sandboxed renderers. #17807
  • Fixed crash when manually dismissing notifications before quit on macOS. #17821
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior where modifying the buffer would change nativeImage pixels, while decoded PNG / JPEG data is a copy. #17862
  • Fixed session preload scripts not being executed in sandboxed renderers. #17875
  • Fixed the "rc4" cipher (#16214) (4.1.x). #17873

Other Changes

  • Removed unused Vulkan libraries from bundle. #17789


Electron 4.1.4 2019-04-04T20:59:57Z ()

Release Notes for v4.1.4



  • Documentation changes: #17662

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