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Electron 4.2.7 2019-07-16T17:53:49Z ()

Release Notes for v4.2.7


  • Added requestingUrl and isMainFrame properties to the permission request and permission check handlers details objects so that apps can check the origin of the requesting frame rather than the root frame. #19204


  • Backported a workaround for a cache corruption issue that could affect users on macOS 10.14. #19212
  • Fixed bug on macOS where the main window could be targeted for a focus event when it was disabled behind a modal. #19061
  • Fixed macOS breakpad symbol files to include non-public symbols. #19158
  • Fixed toggling simple fullscreen being very slow. #19143
  • Fixed windows virtual keyboard appearing for all mouse events. #19144

Other Changes

  • Reverted change to focus behavior that broke Character Viewer support on macOS. #19239

Electron 4.2.6 2019-07-02T01:09:55Z ()

Release Notes for v4.2.6


  • Fixed issues with popups created from sandboxed <webview>:

    • Clicking link with target="_blank" not emitting 'new-window' event.
    • not returning null when allowpopups is not set. #18797
  • Fixed app.getAppPath() returning default-app path when running electron app with no package.json or electron app/index.js. Now the directory containing the executed file is returned. #18895
  • Fixed an issue where the Tray icon context menu on macOS blocked the main process while open. #19035
  • Fixed crash when creating certain types of windows in the display-* events. #19024
  • Fixed issue where require('timers').setTimeout would sometimes never fire in the renderer process. #18968
  • systemPreferences.isDarkMode() now correctly detects dark mode on macOS Catalina. #18959

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where session.getCacheSize would never call its callback. #18921

Electron 4.2.5 2019-06-21T21:11:20Z ()

Release Notes for v4.2.5


Electron 4.2.4 2019-06-05T22:25:21Z ()

Release Notes for v4.2.4


Other Changes

  • Fixed size increase regression on Linux (compared to Electron 3) by stripping swiftshader libraries (, #18602
  • Removed Vulkan mock ICD from, which is only meant to be used for Chromium development. #18594

Electron 4.2.3 2019-05-31T04:12:23Z ()

Release Notes for v4.2.3


  • Added missing 'page-title-updated' event on webContents to documentation. Also fixed forwarding of the explicitSet argument when emitted on BrowserWindow. #18320
  • Fixed an issue whereby minimizable and closable weren't respected in customButtonsOnHover mode. #18479
  • Using webContents.sendInputEvent to send a WebMouseWheelEvent now has the expected effect. #18494

Other Changes

  • Restore live region changed events for processing by JAWS focus mode. #18474

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