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Electron 4.1.4 2019-04-04T20:59:57Z ()

Release Notes for v4.1.4



  • Documentation changes: #17662

Electron 4.1.3 2019-03-29T19:45:41Z ()

Release Notes for v4.1.3


  • Fixed IntersectionObserver.rootBounds for navigator zoom != 100%. #17583
  • Fixed app freeze when using custom stream protocol. #17267

Electron 4.1.2 2019-03-28T22:27:51Z ()

Release Notes for v4.1.2


  • Added missing buffer size check in nativeImage.createFromBuffer / nativeImage.addRepresentation. Data URLs only parsed according to the MIME type as PNG or JPEG. #17567
  • Added support for testing the new Japanese Era with a placeholder era name. Set an environment variable named ICU_ENABLE_TENTATIVE_ERA to true to enable the placeholder era. #17518
  • Fixed an issue whereby foreground visibility of a window was not correctly taken into account for win.isVisible() on macOS. #17492
  • Fixed an issue with netLog module properties not being returned correctly. #17544
  • Fixed issue on KDE where tray icons would be displayed incorrectly as a 22x22 version of the provided tray image but cropped from the center. #17497
  • Fixed issue where preload scripts would sometimes run twice in the same process in different contexts resulting in broken native node module loading. #17596
  • Generated .framework files on macOS now have the correct permissions. This fixes an issue where a crash occurred if a user attempted to launch an Electron app that another user downloaded on macOS. #17582


  • Documentation changes: #17494

Electron 4.1.1 2019-03-20T23:09:23Z ()

Release Notes for v4.1.1


  • Added a check for invalid menu index to prevent out-of-range crashes on insertion. #17461
  • Fixed an issue where Notification objects constructed in the main process would randomly not be shown to the user. #17483
  • Fixed crash when nativeImage.createFromBuffer() is called with invalid buffer. #17373

Electron 4.1.0 2019-03-14T01:44:47Z ()

Release Notes for v4.1.0

Please note that there are no new features in this release. Electron 4.1.0 was released to work around issues users were experiencing with node-pre-gyp based native modules and our ABI number in Electron >= 4.0.4.


  • Fixed a crash when calling ECDH.setPrivateKey(). #17297
  • TouchBarSegmentedControl instances now correctly update when you update the segments array and remove label or image dynamically. #17335

Other Changes

  • Reset version to 4.1.0-beta.0 in preparation for 4.1.0 stable release. 84b01457

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