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Electron 6.1.0 2019-10-22T01:37:40Z ()

Release Notes for v6.1.0

This release is a minor bump as it contains exactly one new feature. contextBridge module, this feature is outlined below along with the other fixes and changes that went into this release. The 6.1.x series is now only release line in the 6.x.y major release line that will receive bug fixes and security fixes. It is recommended you upgrade to 6.1.x.


  • Added new contextBridge module to make it easier to communicate between an isolated context and the main world. #20639


  • Fixed fs.mkdir/mkdirSync hang with {recursive: true} for invalid names with node 12 on windows. #20665
  • Fixed native modules size increase with VC++ and node 12 on windows. #20627
  • Improved slow touchpad scrolling on windows. #20488

Other Changes

  • Manually bump version to 6.1.0-beta.0 in prep for 6.1.0. 3ca62d94

Electron 6.0.12 2019-10-08T22:40:32Z ()

Release Notes for v6.0.12


  • Set the ELECTRON_SKIP_BINARY_DOWNLOAD=1 environment variable to skip electron binary download. #20438


  • Fixed Node.js' worker_threads in ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE. #20457
  • Fixed a regression in the recentDocuments MenuItem role on macOS. #20409
  • Fixed parsing of paths with .asar in directory name extensions. #20402
  • [deps/uv] fsevents: fix file event reporting (backport: v12.x). #20429

Electron 6.0.11 2019-10-02T00:02:55Z ()

Release Notes for v6.0.11


  • Fixed a crash when exiting simple fullscreen on macOS. #20282
  • Fixed disabling color correct rendering with --disable-color-correct-rendering. #20358
  • Fixed process taking 100% CPU when crashed with no crashReporter set up on Windows x64. #20396

Electron 6.0.10 2019-09-19T05:40:16Z ()

Release Notes for v6.0.10

Other Changes

  • Added Windows on Arm node header files to checksum file. #20260

Electron 6.0.9 2019-09-12T13:29:55Z ()

Release Notes for v6.0.9

Other Changes

  • Fixed node.lib linking issue. #20194

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