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Electron 5.0.6 2019-06-26T22:30:38Z ()

Release Notes for v5.0.6


    • Fixed issues with popups created from sandboxed <webview>:

      • Clicking link with target="_blank" not emitting 'new-window' event.
      • not returning null when allowpopups is not set. #18798
  • Backported a patch from node that fixes an http/2 memory leak:. #18883
  • Fixed app.getAppPath() returning default-app path when running electron app with no package.json or electron app/index.js. Now the directory containing the executed file is returned. #18894
  • Fixed issue where require('timers').setTimeout would sometimes never fire in the renderer process. #18965
  • systemPreferences.isDarkMode() now correctly detects dark mode on macOS Catalina. #18960

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where session.getCacheSize would never call its callback. #18898

Electron 5.0.5 2019-06-21T20:48:00Z ()

Release Notes for v5.0.5


  • Backported fix for #18545
  • Fixed Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerText' of null in default-app when opening a website. #18819
  • Fixed webContents.print() callback not returning boolean correctly in all cases. #18804
  • Fixed crash in BrowserWindow destructor after win.webContents.destroy(). #18794
  • Fixed issue on macOS Catalina where the tray icon would be highlighted incorrectly and sometimes invisible. #18852

Electron 5.0.4 2019-06-15T00:23:32Z ()

Release Notes for v5.0.4


  • Added check for invalid URLs upon setting cookies. #18756
  • Fixed window.opener null after cross-origin navigation. #18614
  • Fixed bug where notifications with same tag wouldn't show more than once when first notification was auto dismissed in Windows 7. #18741
  • Fixed exiting html fullscreen mode for embedded contents. #18781
  • Fixed issue where getEffectiveApperance and getAppLevelAppearance would return unknown instead of the correct value sometimes. #18689
  • Fixed issue where shell.openExternal would not activate opened window on macOS. #18721
  • Spellcheck providers are now (again) called with contractions and their parts. #18548

Electron 5.0.3 2019-06-07T21:31:44Z ()

Release Notes for v5.0.3


  • Fixed an issue whereby minimizable and closable weren't respected in customButtonsOnHover mode. #18485
  • Removed incorrectly published internal V8 symbols and CRT methods from node.lib, causing heap corruptions with node modules using the dynamic CRT on Windows. #18620
  • Using webContents.sendInputEvent to send a WebMouseWheelEvent now has the expected effect. #18495

Other Changes

  • Fixed size increase regression on Linux (compared to Electron 3) by stripping swiftshader libraries (, #18601
  • Removed Vulkan mock ICD from, which is only meant to be used for Chromium development. #18595

Electron 5.0.2 2019-05-23T15:24:53Z ()

Release Notes for v5.0.2


  • Added missing 'page-title-updated' event on webContents to documentation. Also fixed forwarding of the explicitSet argument when emitted on BrowserWindow. #18318
  • Fixed a crash in systemPreferences.getAccentColor(). #18194
  • Fixed a regression in Kerberos SPN generation. In the M69 upgrade, the default for the enable_negotiate_port option was inadvertently changed from false to true; this restores the former behavior and aligns with Chromium. #18284
  • Fixed case where the promise returned by loadURL and loadFile would be rejected with ERR_ABORTED if you triggered a virtual navigation before the page had finished loading. E.g. Used history.pushState or set location.hash. #18142

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