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BluetoothDevice Object
Certificate Object Main
CertificatePrincipal Object
Cookie Object
CPUUsage Object
CrashReport Object
DesktopCapturerSource Object
Display Object Main and Renderer
FileFilter Object
GPUFeatureStatus Object
IOCounters Object
JumpListCategory Object Main
JumpListItem Object Main
MemoryInfo Object
MemoryUsageDetails Object Renderer
MimeTypedBuffer Object
NotificationAction Object
Point Object
PrinterInfo Object
ProcessMetric Object
Product Object
Rectangle Object Main and Renderer
Referrer Object
RemoveClientCertificate Object
RemovePassword Object
ScrubberItem Object
SegmentedControlSegment Object
ShortcutDetails Object Main and Renderer
Size Object
StreamProtocolResponse Object
Task Object Main
ThumbarButton Object Main
TraceCategoriesAndOptions Object
TraceConfig Object
Transaction Object
UploadBlob Object
UploadData Object
UploadFile Object
UploadRawData Object
WebSource Object

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