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Monitor power state changes.

Process: Main

You cannot require or use this module until the ready event of the app module is emitted.

For example:

const electron = require('electron')
const { app } = electron

app.on('ready', () => {
  electron.powerMonitor.on('suspend', () => {
    console.log('The system is going to sleep')


The powerMonitor module emits the following events:

Event: 'suspend'

Emitted when the system is suspending.

Event: 'resume'

Emitted when system is resuming.

Event: 'on-ac' Windows

Emitted when the system changes to AC power.

Event: 'on-battery' Windows

Emitted when system changes to battery power.

Event: 'shutdown' Linux macOS

Emitted when the system is about to reboot or shut down. If the event handler invokes e.preventDefault(), Electron will attempt to delay system shutdown in order for the app to exit cleanly. If e.preventDefault() is called, the app should exit as soon as possible by calling something like app.quit().

Event: 'lock-screen' macOS Windows

Emitted when the system is about to lock the screen.

Event: 'unlock-screen' macOS Windows

Emitted as soon as the systems screen is unlocked.


The powerMonitor module has the following methods:

powerMonitor.querySystemIdleState(idleThreshold, callback)

  • idleThreshold Integer
  • callback Function

    • idleState String - Can be active, idle, locked or unknown

Calculate the system idle state. idleThreshold is the amount of time (in seconds) before considered idle. callback will be called synchronously on some systems and with an idleState argument that describes the system's state. locked is available on supported systems only.


  • callback Function

    • idleTime Integer - Idle time in seconds

Calculate system idle time in seconds.

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