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Create OS desktop notifications

Process: Main

Using in the renderer process

If you want to show Notifications from a renderer process you should use the HTML5 Notification API

Class: Notification

Create OS desktop notifications

Process: Main

Notification is an EventEmitter.

It creates a new Notification with native properties as set by the options.

Static Methods

The Notification class has the following static methods:


Returns Boolean - Whether or not desktop notifications are supported on the current system

new Notification([options]) Experimental

Instance Events

Objects created with new Notification emit the following events:

Note: Some events are only available on specific operating systems and are labeled as such.

Event: 'show'


Emitted when the notification is shown to the user, note this could be fired multiple times as a notification can be shown multiple times through the show() method.

Event: 'click'


Emitted when the notification is clicked by the user.

Event: 'close'


Emitted when the notification is closed by manual intervention from the user.

This event is not guarunteed to be emitted in all cases where the notification is closed.

Event: 'reply' macOS


Emitted when the user clicks the "Reply" button on a notification with hasReply: true.

Event: 'action' macOS


Instance Methods

Objects created with new Notification have the following instance methods:


Immediately shows the notification to the user, please note this means unlike the HTML5 Notification implementation, simply instantiating a new Notification does not immediately show it to the user, you need to call this method before the OS will display it.

Playing Sounds

On macOS, you can specify the name of the sound you'd like to play when the notification is shown. Any of the default sounds (under System Preferences > Sound) can be used, in addition to custom sound files. Be sure that the sound file is copied under the app bundle (e.g., YourApp.app/Contents/Resources), or one of the following locations:

See the NSSound docs for more information.

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