Electron App Feedback Program

Electron is working on making its release cycles faster and more stable. To make that possible, we've started the App Feedback Program for large-scale Electron apps to test our beta releases and report app-specific issues to us. This helps us to prioritize work that will get applications upgraded to our next stable release sooner.

Who can join?

Our criteria and expectations for apps joining this program include the following items:

What info does my Electron app have to share?


We understand not everyone can share exact user numbers, however better data helps us decide how stable a particular release is. We ask that apps commit to testing a minimum number of user-hours, currently 10,000 across the beta cycle.

Why should my Electron app join?

Your app's bugs will be tracked and be on the core Electron team's radar. Your feedback helps the Electron team to see how the new betas are doing and what work needs to be done.

Will my application's info be shared publicly? Who gets to see this info?

No, your application's information will not be shared with the general public. However, it will be viewable by all members of the maintainers team within the Electron organization. As of September 2018, there are 203 members in this team. All members in this team have agreed to follow Electron's Code of Conduct.

Sign up

We are currently accepting a limited number of signups. If you are interested and are able to fulfill the above requirements, please fill out this form.

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