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Wexond is a free, open-source and extensible web browser with material design, which lets you browse the web without any ads thanks to built-in ad blocker. The API in extensions system lets you to extend browser by additional functionality. Wexond works on each desktop platform, thanks to Electron. For building the browser interface, we use React which is useful framework for creating components, Sass for styling them and MobX for managing states. We also use Material Design components from our framework nersent-ui. To manage plugins we use our wexond-package-manager (wpm).


We really appreciate any changes and improvements, so feel free to open pull requests! If you have found any issues, please report them. This would really help us making the browser even better!


If you want to develop Wexond, you will need to run some commands, but don't worry, we will explain you everything. Please make sure that you have installed Node.js. Also, we assume you have cloned the repository.

First, you will need to install all needed dependencies to run and build Wexond by typing this simple command:

$ npm install

If you have installed all dependencies successfully, just type

$ npm run watch

This will watch code for changes, and start Wexond.

Other commands


$ npm run <command>
Command Description
build-production Bundles Wexond's source in production mode.
compile-win32 Builds Wexond binaries for Windows.
compile-darwin Builds Wexond binaries for macOS.
compile-linux Builds Wexond binaries for Linux.
electron-rebuild Rebuilds all dependencies for Electron.
lint Lints code and fixes if there are errors.
start Starts Wexond.
watch Watches code for changes and starts Wexond


Guides and the API reference are located in docs. It also contains documents describing how to use the browser, and create extensions.


Home page

GitHub page


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