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WebCatalog on macOS
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  • Fixes bugs.

webcatalog & appifier

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appifier npm version is a Node.js library/CLI which turns any web site into native app. It works similarly to nativefier but is designed with a more consumer-friendly mindset.

WebCatalog acts as GUI (graphical user interface) for appifier to make it more accessible to non-technical users. The app includes a web app catalog; automatically adds generated native apps to menu or desktop; and provides an interface to manage and update the apps. It also offers some additional optimizations like resource sharing.

WebCatalog for macOS


  • macOS 10.9+, Windows 7+ or Linux.
  • Node.js 8+.


Creating a native desktop app for duckduckgo.com:

WebCatalog (GUI)

Download and install WebCatalog from its official website: https://webcatalog.io. Open WebCatalog, then search for DuckDuckGo. Finally, click "Install" and wait for a while. Done! Magic.

Command Line

Install: npm install appifier -g or yarn global add appifier

appifier --id duckduckgo --name "DuckDuckGo" --url "https://duckduckgo.com" --icon ./icon.png

Programmatic API

Install: npm install appifier or yarn add appifier

const appifier = require('appifier');

  path.resolve(__dirname, 'test', 'icon.png'),
  path.resolve(__dirname, 'dist'),
  .then((destPath) => {
    console.log(`App has been created at ${destPath}`);
  .then((err) => {

How It Works

A template Electron app is included in the ./packages/appifier/app folder. When the appifier command or programmatic API is executed, this folder is copied to a temporary directory with the appropriate parameters in a configuration file, and is packaged into an app with electron-packager.

WebCatalog is an Electron app which basically uses appifier under the hood to generate the apps. Additionally, WebCatalog reads the metadata stored in the generated apps to allow users to easily manage & update them.

API Documentation

See API.



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