Refined Evernote desktop app

Dark theme
Vibrant theme
Black theme
Website https://klauscfhq.github.io/tusk
Repository https://github.com/klauscfhq/tusk
Category Productivity
Keywords note productivity note-taking evernote
License MIT
Downloads RELEASES tusk-0.9.4-i386.AppImage tusk-0.9.4-x86_64.AppImage tusk-0.9.4.i686.rpm tusk-0.9.4.x86_64.rpm tusk-app-0.9.4-full.nupkg tusk-macos-0.9.4.dmg tusk-macos-0.9.4.zip tusk-Setup-0.9.4.exe tusk_0.9.4_amd64.deb tusk_0.9.4_amd64.snap tusk_0.9.4_i386.deb
Latest Release 0.9.4 (v0.9.4)
Release Notes

Restored the functionality of all themes. Vibrant modes are temporarily disabled on Macos due to maintenance. Both of them will be available again on the upcoming release.


  • Restored themes functionality b261cb4
  • Upgraded to Electron 1.8.3 d94c42c
  • Temporarily disabled vibrant modes on Macos 23511ef
  • Switched Snap confinement to strict 32f4adc

All changes



  • To run the AppImage you need first to make it executable


🐘 Refined Evernote desktop app

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Tusk is an unofficial, open source, third-party, community driven, free Evernote app with a handful of useful features.

Come over to our Gitter channel to share your thoughts on the project or to just say hi.

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🍎 Macos only atm
🐘 Windows only atm



Head to the releases page and download the appropriate installer for your system.

Ubuntu Linux users can directly install through Snap snap install tusk

Macos users can directly install through Homebrew Cask brew cask install tusk

Arch Linux users can directly install through AUR yaourt tusk


The version available on Homebrew Cask or AUR may not be the latest. If that is the case, please consider downloading directly from the Github releases page.


Vibrant Themes

Refreshing dark and light vibrant themes. Press Cmd Alt U / Cmd Alt J to activate them respectively.

Sepia Theme

Perfect for glossy screens. Activate it by pressing Cmd/Ctrl G

Dark Theme

Silky & relaxing. Make it yours by pressing Cmd/Ctrl D

Black Theme

Deep focus materialized. Boost your productivity by pressing Cmd/Ctrl Alt E

Focus Mode

Press Cmd/Ctrl K and immerse yourself in a distraction-free note-taking mode.

Compact Mode

Get more for less. Keep your productivity to the maximum no matter the screen size. Simply downsize the window to enter the mode.

Note Navigation

Navigate seamlessly between your notes by pressing Cmd/Ctrl Tab / Cmd/Ctrl Shift Tab or jump directly to a specific note by using Cmd/Ctrl 1 - 9

Note Printing

Printing your notes is only a keystroke away. Press Cmd/Ctrl Alt P and transfer them from screen to paper.

Custom Shortcut Keys

Adjust Tusk to your workflow. Navigate to ~/.tusk.json or press Cmd/Ctrl . and modify any shortcut key to your own preference. To reset simply delete the tusk config file from your home directory.

Scalable Interface

Adjust the zooming factor to your own preference by pressing Cmd/Ctrl Shift = or Cmd/Ctrl -

Export Notes

Press Cmd/Ctrl Shift E and save your notes effortlessly on your machine as pdf files.

Yinxiang Support

Login with your Yinxiang account by visiting the Tusk menu on Macos or the File menu on Windows and Linux.

Auto Night Mode

Press Cmd/Ctrl Alt N and allow Tusk to intelligently adjust to your environment.

Keyboard shortcuts

60+ keyboard shortcuts. Toggle anything in a flash.

Description Keys
Toggle Window Menu Alt
Toggle Full Screen F11
Return to Notes Esc
Delete Note Delete
Toggle Dark Theme Cmd/Ctrl D
Toggle Sepia Theme Cmd/Ctrl G
Toggle Focus Mode Cmd/Ctrl K
Exit Focus Mode Cmd/Ctrl O
New Note Cmd/Ctrl N
Save Note Cmd/Ctrl S
Set Reminder Cmd/Ctrl E
Search Notes Cmd/Ctrl F
Bold Text Cmd/Ctrl B
Italic Text Cmd/Ctrl I
Underline Text Cmd/Ctrl U
Strikethrough Text Cmd/Ctrl T
Toggle Settings Cmd/Ctrl ,
Make Text Smaller Cmd/Ctrl -
Edit Shortcut Keys Cmd/Ctrl .
Reset Zoom Level Cmd/Ctrl 0
Navigate to Next Note Cmd/Ctrl Tab
Toggle Tags Alt Shift T
Toggle Notebooks Alt Shift N
Jump to Note Cmd/Ctrl 1 - 9
Toggle Black Theme Cmd/Ctrl Alt E
Toggle Vibrant Light Theme Cmd/Ctrl Alt U
Toggle Vibrant Dark Theme Cmd/Ctrl Alt J
Print Note Cmd/Ctrl Alt P
Add Shortcut Cmd/Ctrl Alt S
Align Left Cmd/Ctrl Alt L
Align Center Cmd/Ctrl Alt M
Align Right Cmd/Ctrl Alt R
Increase Indentation Cmd/Ctrl Alt K
Activate Auto Night Mode Cmd/Ctrl Alt N
Make Text Larger Cmd/Ctrl Shift =
Export Note as PDF Cmd/Ctrl Shift E
New Tag Cmd/Ctrl Shift T
New Notebook Cmd/Ctrl Shift N
Toggle Checkbox Cmd/Ctrl Shift C
Code Block Cmd/Ctrl Shift L
Add Link Cmd/Ctrl Shift K
Attach File Cmd/Ctrl Shift F
Insert from Drive Cmd/Ctrl Shift D
Decrease Indentation Cmd/Ctrl Shift M
Numbered List Cmd/Ctrl Shift O
Toggle Shortcuts Cmd/Ctrl Shift S
Toggle Dev Tools Cmd/Ctrl Shift I
Reload Tusk Cmd/Ctrl Shift R
Set Always on Top Cmd/Ctrl Shift P
Bulleted List Cmd/Ctrl Shift .
Subscript Text Cmd/Ctrl Shift ]
Superscript Text Cmd/Ctrl Shift [
Insert Horizontal Rule Cmd/Ctrl Shift -
Navigate to Previews Note Cmd/Ctrl Shift Tab
Remove Formatting Cmd/Ctrl Shift Space

Build-in Markdown

Tusk takes advantage of the build-in Markdown support that lives inside the Evernote web editor.

Here is cheat-sheet with all the available options.
Is a syntax option missing? Open a pull-request or issue to include it.

Description Syntax
Bold text **Bold**
Italic text *Italic*
Highlight text !!Highlight!!
Strikethrough text ~~Strikethrough~~
Bulleted list * Bulleted list
Numbered list 1. Numbered list
Toggle Checkbox []
Complete Checkbox [x]
Inline code `Inline code`
Code block ```\nCode block\n```
Horizontal rule --- or ===

\n is the new line character

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Coded with ❤ by


Tusk is an unofficial, open source, third-party, community driven, free app and is not affiliated in any way with Evernote.



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