Synchronizes files between computers, never gets tired. Oh, and no data limits either.

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Category Productivity
Keywords file synchronization backup storage shared files
Downloads RELEASES Storm-0.3.9-full.nupkg StormSetup.msi Storm_0.3.9_x64_setup.exe
Latest Release New features and bug fixes (v0.3.9)
Release Notes

Features and Improvements

  • Added access to files via
  • Added an "Update is Available" message for Mac and Linux users.
  • Allow the web app to show client version and folder size when the user is logged in.
  • Report when a remote client is out of sync with the local client.
  • Major performance improvements for users with many files.

Bug fixes

  • #1 Updated auto-launch to the latest to prevent the app opening twice on MacOS.
  • More reliably process the file download queue.
  • Improved detecting local and remote files that have been deleted.

What is Storm?

Storm is a service that enables you to syncronize files between all of your computers. Go to to create an account.

Current version v0.3.9

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