Source Me

A web development toolkit containing web packages, fonts, colors etc.

Category Utilities
Latest Release Release: 0.2.1 (0.2.1)
Release Notes

What's new

  • Image Compressor:
    A small tool built with xkeshi's module to compress JPEG images in size.

  • Support Linux
    Head over here to know How to get Color Emojis in Linux ?


2340d36 bestzip for windows platform
4f25410 use bestzip module to zip the builds
40d882b 0.2.1
11b1bac make default .png
3e5756c do not go frameless on any operating system
77acd57 feature: imagecompresser


Source me

Source Me is a cross platform desktop application which has some essential tools while making a project.

Version: 0.2.1


  • Material Design Colors by Google The application contains a full stack of material designed colors created by Google. These can be very useful when one needs these colors at one place. It uses react-tooltip to show the hex codes.

  • Content Delivery Networks Library by CDN These are libraries provided by cdn in one place. You can import the links to your project.

  • Material Designed Icons by Google These are material designed icons made by Google. It is similar to the colors component.

  • Epsum Generator from bacon ipsum A generator which generates standalone text which can be useful to your HTML mockups.

  • URL Shortner A URL shortener which uses a free to shorten urls quickly.

  • Emoji Picker It is a picker which has a curated list of Emojis. Click one of them & you get the unicode!

  • Image Compressor A tool which compresses your images quickly. It uses @xkeshi/image-compressor.


Download the latest version of Source me from the releases page


The app can be used locally by following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd source-me
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

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