Test your server, while developing tester tester

GitHub version Dependency Status Code Climate Issue Count tester lets you connect to a server and subscribe to a certain topic and/or lets you send socket messages to the server screenshot tester app

Install node modules

$ yarn install

Build and open in browser

$ yarn run dev

Build and open as electron app
  • build $ yarn run build
  • and run electron $ node_modules/.bin/electron .
build asar file

$ yarn run electron-build

package all application versions for distribution (win, linux, macos)

$ yarn run package test server

start test server by running node socketTest/index.js


  • 'chat message': echoes mesages
  • test: sends messages at specific interval


  • /asd

events in namespace

  • test: sends messages at specific interval

When updating

  • change version numbers in package.json AND build_package.json
  • create git tag git tag v1.0.0
  • push changes git push
  • and push tags git push --tags
  • create release draft with new tag and version as release name
  • Really important release NAME is the version with the v: v1.0.0
  • Really important that build_package.json has the correct version without the v: 1.0.0
  • build with package script
  • compress each build in the package dir individually and upload to github
  • release

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