HTML-powered text editor for creating and organizing personal notes

Repository https://github.com/teslor/ray
Category Productivity
Keywords html text editor note project
License MIT
Downloads Ray-0.2.0-x64.exe
Latest Release 0.2.0 (v0.2.0)
Release Notes
  • Add font selector. "Roboto" font is used by default.
  • Add button "Add Active File to Current Project".
  • Minor code/style fixes.

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Ray is a desktop HTML-powered text editor with advanced features.
Create, style, organize your personal notes!

v0.2.0 Beta

Main Screenshot

🏄 Platforms

Ray is based on Electron platform and can be run on Windows, macOS and Linux. At this moment you can download distributive for Windows (tested on Windows 10), macOS and Linux releases will be added later.

Download v0.2.0 for Windows x64

🏆 Features

  • Full HTML support.
  • Neat UI.
  • File organization capabilities.
  • Styling options.

📌 Next Features

These features are planned for future releases (and are subject to change):

  • Multilingual UI.
  • Autosave options.
  • Additional operations for projects, files, editor.
  • More styling options, themes support.
  • Full-text search in projects.
  • Auto update.

🎨 Main Technology Stack

Copyright 2018. Released under the MIT license.

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