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Puppetry is an open-source desktop application that gives non-developers the ability to create, manage, and integrate automated tests for Web

Puppetry - v1.0.0

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Key Features

  • Can be used by QA engineers with no programming background
  • Features Headless Chrome (Puppeteer) and Jest
  • Generated tests can be run within the application as well as exported e.g. for CI-server

Welcome Puppetry

E2E testing for the Web in a nutshell is about locating a target, applying a browser method on it, asserting the new page (DOM) state. Where target can be either a HTML element or the entire page. Page methods can be such as "goto to a URL", "make a screenshot". For an element - click, focus, type a text and so on. As for assertions we can check for example that element's property or attribute has a specified value, or element's position and size match the provided criteria.

Puppetry offers you an easy-to-use UI where you choose browser methods and assertions from a predefined list, with predefined settings, guided by extensive tips. Namely you can do the following:


You can download latest installers for your platform from the releases page

Current only the following OS are supported:

  • Windows 7 and greater (64 bit)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 and greater (64 bit)
  • MacOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and greater (64 bit)


  • get acquainted with guides
  • examine the Backlog, suggest new features
  • look into existing Issues, come up with a fix (master branch)
  • implement new features (dev branch)

Please adhere the coding style. We have one based on jQuery's JavaScript Style Guide. You can find the validation rules in .eslintrc and lint the code by running npm run lint





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