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PreMiD is a simple, configurable utility that allows you to show what you're watching/listening in your Discord now playing status. It supports many different platforms, and will support multiple users watching the same content simultaneously in an upcoming update.


  • Integrates with Discord's official Rich Presence API library.
  • Supports your keyboard's Media Control function keys.
  • Automatically clears your current presence after 1 minute of inactivity.
  • Supports YouTube, YouTube Music, Netflix, SoundCloud and many more to come.
  • Watch parties and more are coming soon!

Table of contents


Our application has a lot of languages included and we are happy to see a new translators in our little project.


If you're interested in helping us visit the


Operating Systems

Operating System Application Chrome Firefox
Windows Beta
Linux Self-build Beta
Mac OS Beta

Additional Browsers

Operating System Opera Vivaldi
Mac OS


Video Music Anime
YouTube YouTube Music Crunchyroll
Netflix SoundCloud Anime4You
Twitch Aniflix

More availabe on our soon releasing presence store for free!

Want to request a support for other services? Open an Issue!




Installing the Chrome extension (Click to expand)

Chrome Extension Installation

  1. Click this link
  2. Click "Add to Chrome"
  3. Install the application
Installing the Firefox extension (Click to expand)

Firefox Extension Installation

    Firefox removed our Extension from the addon store.
    We're currently trying upload it to our own servers and could revive it from the dead.
    Until then, we have to stay positive and you have to download our addon manually or just use another browser!
  1. Switch to the releases tab
  2. Download premid-
  3. Got to about:addons
  4. Click on the little gear symbol on the upper right hand side
  5. Choose "Install add-on from file"
  6. Select the file you downloaded recently
  7. Accept the installation by clicking on "Add"
  8. Install the application
Installing the Opera extension (Click to expand)

Opera Extension Installation

  1. Install the extension called "Install Chrome Extensions"
  2. Now install the PreMiD extension
  3. Install the application


Mac OS (Click to expand)

Installation on Mac OS

  1. Download the latest version of the application
  2. Open the downloaded .dmg file
  3. Drag PreMiD Into your Applications Folder
  4. Open your Launchpad or press F4
  5. Open PreMiD
  6. Press "Allow" if a window pops up
  7. Install extension if not already
Windows (Click to expand)

Installation on Windows

  1. Download the latest installer from here
  2. Open the downloaded .exe installer
  3. If SmartScreen comes up press more informations then press run anyways. (It's not a virus, I promise.)
  4. PreMiD should install itself and start automatically. (You can tell by looking at the taskbar.)
  5. Install the extension, if you haven't already.
Linux (Click to expand)

Installation on Linux

If you want to talk about the GNU/Linux support:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Change the working directory: cd PreMiD/src
  3. Install dependencies and the application itself: npm install
  4. Now you can start the application: npm start


Something missing? Edit this app.

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