A decentralized messaging and sharing app built on top of Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB)

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License AGPL-3.0
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Latest Release Patchwork v3.8.6 (v3.8.6)
Release Notes

What's new in Patchwork 3.8?

There have been pre-releases floating around for the last few months, but finally releasing this officially! Here is a summary of what has changed since the last official release (3.7.1):


There is now a "Block" button on each person's profile. If you click this, you will no longer see this person's posts. You will also be instructing others not to replicate your feed with this person so they shouldn't receive any more of your posts.

There is also now a warning on profiles when someone you follow blocks them.

2-degree replication (down from 3)

Initial sync is faster, and random strangers can now no longer message you. To see someone's messages, you now have to follow someone that follows them.

If a friend of yours replies to a message by someone that you can't see, a "missing message" placeholder will show. If they are using Patchwork 3.8 or higher, the placeholder will tell you who the message is from. It will also hint at who you should follow in order to see the message.

This is still a bit work-in-progress, and will be much improved shortly with "out-of-order" message support coming soon!

Profile / External Link Previews

Hover over someone's name to view information about why you are seeing their posts and whether they are likely to be able to see your replies. You will also be able to see their public key!

There is also now an icon next to the message header when you follow the author of the post.

Your Profile is no longer a free-for-all

In previous versions, anyone could assign a nickname or image to a person and it would appear on their profile. Now people will only see nicknames and images added by people that they or the profile actually follow.

You can now choose not see content in channels that you don't follow

In previous versions, if you follow someone, you see all of their posts in all channels in your main feed. There is now an option under "More > Settings" to "Only include posts from subscribed channels".

You will still see when your friends subscribe to channels and the list of active channels in the sidebar. You can also view "More > Extended Network" if you wanna take a peak at all posts in all channels.

Other changes

  • hashtags are now included in active channels
  • added "Send Private Message" shortcut on profiles
  • smarter Emoji Auto-complete
  • posts tagged with channels you subscribe to now show in your public feed (including if someone replies to a message with a tag you follow)
  • likes no longer bump messages on any view
  • posts that are taller than 1500px are compressed down with "See more"
  • posts referenced on a profile by other people (liked, replied to) now show compacted to only 200px high with "See more" button
  • more translations
  • pending updates now reflects actual messages in view
  • highlighted new messages are now preserved after refreshing if you hadn't scrolled to them yet
  • "view full thread" now scrolls to the top of the most recent posts
  • added font size selector under More > Settings

Fixed in 3.8.6

  • fix missing tagged posts on channels (since 3.8.5)
  • posts from strangers that mention you no longer force display in main feed (just mentions tab)
  • show icon next to people you follow on their post heading
  • better explanations of why you are seeing posts from people you don't follow (subscribed channels)

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A decentralized messaging and sharing app built on top of Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB).

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Table of Contents
  • Features
  • Pubs
  • Install
  • Docs
  • Features

    It's better than email because:

    • Private messages are end-to-end encrypted, always.
    • You have to follow somebody to get messages from them, so you won't get spammed.
    • Your mail can be public broadcasts or private, and you'll only see replies by people you follow.
    • The datastructure is a global mesh of append-only logs, which can support new types of data (not just "mail").
    • Users are not bound to one server/host (what we call "pubs") and do not have to trust the servers.
    • It's very easy to setup and maintain your own pub.

    It's better than twitter and facebook because:

    • Private messages are end-to-end encrypted, always.
    • The software runs on your device, so there's nobody tracking your browsing.
    • The application-code is FOSS, so you're free to fork or write new applications without a gatekeeper setting terms.
    • Data is saved to your disk, and so the application works offline.
    • You can sync directly with friends over the wifi.


    In order to gossip outside your local network, you'll need to connect to a Pub.

    You can find an invite to an available pub at the Pub servers registry.

    Get an invite, then in patchwork: click "+ Join Pub" and paste the invite code.

    This will cause you to follow the Pub and vise versa. If you haven't synchronized to this social network yet, prepare to wait a few minutes while your local server synchronizes.


    Download installers for Windows, macOS and Linux

    See patchwork/releases

    Or build from source

    With node (>= 4) and npm (>= 3) installed:

    $ git clone
    $ cd patchwork
    $ npm install
    $ npm start

    You'll need some more dependencies to build.

    On Debian Linux:

    sudo apt-get install g++ m4 libtool automake libgconf-2-4   # build tools
    sudo apt-get install libxext-dev libxtst-dev libxkbfile-dev # spellchecker headers

    On Fedora Linux:

    sudo dnf install libXext-devel libXtst-devel libxkbfile-devel gcc-c++ m4 automake libtool

    On macOS:

    brew install libtool automake # build tools

    Code of conduct

    Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


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