A Decentralized Privacy Platform with a suite of tools to enhance your online privacy

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Latest Release Particl Desktop 1.1.0 (v1.1.0)
Release Notes

Release Notes

The team spent time fixing bugs, adding new features and streamlining the flow of the GUI. Some pages have been updated to better the user experience. Furthermore, a major restructure effort over the GUI codebase has been completed.

The code is now more modular, less prone to errors and takes advantage of the capabilities that the latest Angular provides. This pre-marketplace code restructuration will enable us to implement features like auto-update and multiwallet in a much better way.

As the marketplace will also be integrated soon, we renamed the software to the simple and beautiful "Particl Desktop". This software is intended to include the wallet, the marketplace, secure chat & more. You can now find it under the particl-desktop repository of the Particl GitHub organization.

Test the Particl Desktop to discover all the other improvements we made, and do not hesitate to point out things we might have overlooked in our inevitable humanity (see below to open issues).


The addition of the ZAP functionality will greatly assist in successful cold staking activation*. This feature brings the option to:

  • Force (ZAP) that last few PART over to the cold stake address that might take a long time to stake otherwise
  • Force (ZAP) funds from small wallets to the cold staking address
  • Quickly activate cold staking, by means of sending all funds to the cold staking address in a single transaction

* Take note that the later will be less private. If Privacy is a high concern for you we would suggest allowing the cold staking process the needed time to stake the funds as intended.


  • Cold staking widget
  • ZAP functionality for fast cold staking activation
  • Debug window console
  • Added debug console history with up and down arrow navigation
  • Added RPC calls to console
  • History filters
  • Send page redesign
  • Syncing progress bar in left side menu
  • Notifications for a new release
  • OS notifications for stakes and incoming transactions
  • Display client and daemon versions
  • Paste button in address add
  • Paste an address anywhere in send page and address book
  • Display public narrations on transactions
  • Choose how many transactions to display per page
  • Added background image for Mac DMG
  • Contributing guidelines
  • Upgrade dependencies
  • Added checksums for build process
  • Added message pop up for daemon loading
  • Added new angularx qrcode in qrcode modal
  • RPC state refactoring
  • Added additional information about Anon TXs
  • Added window resizing
  • Various graphical tweaks for 1.1.0
  • Upgraded partilcd to latest

Bugs fixed

Big thanks to the community members who helped document the bugs and provided error logs.

  • Balance transfer blind -> public
  • Blank modals
  • Diverse length seeds importing
  • Confirmations updating
  • Mac tray icon
  • Daemon messages
  • Daemon restart (encrypting wallet)
  • Auto locking wallet
  • Blind balance display
  • App not quitting when daemon start before the GUI
  • Too much RPC calls to the daemon
  • Fixed preceding issue on creation of wallet, due to passwords.
  • Sign and Verify modal refactoring
  • Changed save button name on address book
  • Fixed success flash message not aligned
  • App title update
  • Fixed wallet detection
  • Resolve create wallet without recovery passphrase
  • Fixed Mac build issues
  • Fixed label issue and address book page update
  • Fixed double pasting on OSX
  • Focus on input when debug console open
  • Spacing fix in command console
  • Various other bugs

Community Testers and Developers

Please open issues for every bug that is not already documented here:

Our open discussion channels for testing are:

SHA256 sums

871b7d568058e3f1512bd96c2937925bb22c9d82b4dfbfd1b75025cfdd8a05a1  particl-desktop-1.1.0-linux-amd64.deb
11e4dda02398fdcdc04999dac27dc42263a29480f977ab8411d4c2b23c74b0b0  particl-desktop-1.1.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
b72e44f5e64be3d894f5917bcf75b51cdb89e01375f63ec906c7931105941c48  particl-desktop-1.1.0-win.exe

particl-desktop – UI

UI Preview

"Particl is an open source project that aims to restore the balance of privacy on the internet."

We provide a decentralized privacy platform with a suite of tools to enhance your online privacy:

  • An anonymous cryptocurrency – send and receive the PART cryptocurrency without revealing the transaction history
  • End-to-end encrypted messaging – communicate in a secure and decentralized manner without revealing your IP address
  • A private marketplace – buy and sell goods without leaving a trace

This repository is the user interface that works in combination with our particl-core.

Download the packaged wallet for Mac, Windows and Linux


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Be sure to read our Contributing Guidelines first


Boostrapping for development:

  • Download + Install Node.js® 6.4—7.10
  • Download + Install git
git clone
cd particl-desktop
yarn install

Development with Electron

  1. Run ng serve to start the dev server.
  2. Run yarn run start:electron:dev -testnet -opendevtools to start the electron application. Daemon will be updated and launched automatically.
    • Note: this command will auto-refresh the client on each saved change
    • -testnet – for running on testnet (omit for running the client on mainnet)
    • -opendevtools – automatically opens Developer Tools on client launch

Interact with particl-core daemon

You can directly interact with the daemon ran by the Electron version.

./particl-cli -testnet getblockchaininfo


Start Electron

  • yarn run start:electron:fast – disables debug messages for faster startup (keep in mind using :fast disables auto-reload of app on code change)

Package Electron

  • yarn run package:win – Windows
  • yarn run package:mac – OSX
  • yarn run package:linux – Linux


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