A Decentralized Privacy Platform with a suite of tools to enhance your online privacy

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"Particl is an open source project that aims to restore the balance of privacy on the internet."

We provide a decentralized privacy platform with a suite of tools to enhance your online privacy:

  • An anonymous cryptocurrency – send and receive the PART cryptocurrency without revealing the transaction history
  • End-to-end encrypted messaging – communicate in a secure and decentralized manner without revealing your IP address
  • A private marketplace – buy and sell goods without leaving a trace

This repository is the user interface that works in combination with our particl-core.

Download the packaged wallet for Mac, Windows and Linux


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Be sure to read our Contributing Guidelines first


Boostrapping for development:

  • Download + Install Node.js® 6.4—7.10
  • Download + Install git
git clone
cd particl-desktop
yarn install

Development with Electron

  1. Run ng serve to start the dev server.
  2. Run yarn run start:electron:dev -testnet -opendevtools to start the electron application. Daemon will be updated and launched automatically.
    • Note: this command will auto-refresh the client on each saved change
    • -testnet – for running on testnet (omit for running the client on mainnet)
    • -opendevtools – automatically opens Developer Tools on client launch

Interact with particl-core daemon

You can directly interact with the daemon ran by the Electron version.

./particl-cli -testnet getblockchaininfo


Start Electron

  • yarn run start:electron:fast – disables debug messages for faster startup (keep in mind using :fast disables auto-reload of app on code change)

Package Electron

  • yarn run package:win – Windows
  • yarn run package:mac – OSX
  • yarn run package:linux – Linux


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