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Note-taking tool for Linux.


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📚 P3X Onenote Linux v2019.2.17-17

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Possible, this mini server, rarely, is down, please hang on for 15-30 minutes and the server will be back up.

All my domains (patrikx3.com and corifeus.com) could have minor errors, since I am developing in my free time. However, it is usually stable.

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A Linux compatible version of OneNote

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Downloadable installer


After downloading the AppImage, make it an executable.

mkdir -p $HOME/opt
mv ~/Downloads/p3x-onenote-a.b.c-d-x86_64.AppImage $HOME/opt/
chmod +x $HOME/opt/p3x-onenote-a.b.c-d-x86_64.AppImage
# Then you can run it
$HOME/opt/p3x-onenote-a.b.c-d-x86_64.AppImage &

It then actually integrates itself into the menus and it will auto update itself.

The app can be found on ElectronJs Apps

Change log

If you are a NodeJs Ninja


Original version


Props for Peter Forgacs! 😎

Main Features

P3X OneNote Linux is, actually, an independent browser window for the online OneNote. You can use this program without having to clutter your browser. The main functions are:

  • that is independent from any browser, as it works in it's own process
  • it provides a tray, that allows you to close your browser while it keeps running in the tray
  • the data is cached and is faster than always opening a new window
  • it allows you to sign in with the corporate or the personal login
  • when there is a new update, it auto updates itself.
  • the program allows to use other Microsoft online programs, but the dedicated purpose is to use OneNote

Verbose features info

  • Desktop menu
  • Icon
  • There is a bottom bar
    • It shows the current location
    • When you click on this bar, the location URL is copied into the clipboard
  • There is a new button on the Edit menu
    • Copy this location to the clipboard
      • This is the same function that is on the bottom bar when you click on it
  • Restart button (empty your cache, you can login again if there is an error)
  • Remember last notebook (as much Online Onenote allows ...)
  • Menu > Settings
    • Close button
      • Either you can close the button as it is by default
      • Or the close button can move to the tray
  • You are able to set a proxy in the settings menu.
  • The OneNote language is controlled by Microsoft, but the Electron UI is now able to use any language. The default is only implemented now English. If you want to request a new language, there is a ./translation/en.js file, if you create a file like ./translation/zn.js (Chinese) and implement these keys, I will add a permanent setting in the menu (Language chooser).
  • There is now a menu called Corporate home
  • Loads last visibility state




Change language

Although the main page's language can be changed, it reverts back when an actual page is accessed. This is being investigated.


Electron problem

🐛 Since Electron v3, the tray left click is executing as the right click, Electron bug.


If you try to build the app with AppImage, you have to change from electron dependencies to devDependencies, this is because it is created to be able to run this app from NPM instead of an AppImage.

URL links

P3X OneNote Linux playground

Corifeus P3X OneNote Linux pages

AlternativeTo OneNote Linux

NPM P3X OneNote

P3X-ONENOTE Build v2019.2.17-17

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