Translate text directly from your menubar.

Website https://4gray.github.io/oversetter/
Repository https://github.com/4gray/oversetter
Category Utilities
Keywords translator menubar language
License MIT
Downloads Oversetter-darwin-x64.zip Oversetter-linux-armv7l.zip Oversetter-linux-ia32.zip Oversetter-linux-x64.zip Oversetter-win32-ia32.zip
Latest Release Oversetter v0.2 (v0.2)
Release Notes
  • Added language auto-detect feature (#3)
  • Added version checking mechanism
  • New global keyboard shortcuts:
    • Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + T - open app window
    • Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + R - translate text from clipboard
  • Added "Start at login" option for auto-launch
  • Released app for Windows and Linux
  • Bugfixes, UI and code improvements

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Oversetter is an translation app, which allows you to translate content directly from your menu bar. Oversetter is open-source application based on Angular and Electron. It uses free API of Yandex Translate for text translation.


App Preview


You can download the latest version of the application for macOS, Windows and Linux.

How to use

  1. Register free Yandex Translate API-Key (or use built-in dev-key for the first time).
  2. Install dependencies, build and run application with electron:
npm install
npm run build
npm run electron


npm run build-dev


NODE_ENV=dev npm run electron

App Packaging

npm run package:osx
npm run package:win32
npm run package:linux


npm run package:all

ToDo: Up next

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