Viewer for neural network models

Netron is a viewer for neural network, deep learning and machine learning models.

Netron supports ONNX (.onnx, .pb), Keras (.h5, .keras), CoreML (.mlmodel) and TensorFlow Lite (.tflite). Netron has experimental support for Caffe (.caffemodel), Caffe2 (predict_net.pb), MXNet (.model, -symbol.json), TensorFlow.js (model.json, .pb) and TensorFlow (.pb, .meta).


macOS: Download the .dmg file or with Homebrew run brew cask install netron

Linux: Download the .AppImage or .deb file.

Windows: Download the .exe installer.

Browser: Start the browser version.

Python Server: Run pip install netron and netron [MODEL_FILE].

Download Models

Sample model files you can download and open:

ONNX Models: Inception v1, Inception v2, ResNet-50, SqueezeNet

Keras Models: resnet, tiny-yolo-voc

CoreML Models: MobileNet, Places205-GoogLeNet, Inception v3

TensorFlow Lite Models: Smart Reply 1.0 , Inception v3 2016

Caffe Models: BVLC AlexNet, BVLC CaffeNet, BVLC GoogleNet

Caffe2 Models: BVLC GoogleNet, Inception v2

MXNet Models: CaffeNet, SqueezeNet v1.1

TensorFlow models: Inception v3, Inception v4, Inception 5h


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