A image capture suite for Mac and Linux.


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MagicCap is a image capture suite for Mac and Linux. You can get a precompiled copy from the releases page of this GitHub page. It has the following features:

  • Very cross compatible. You should get the same experience on Mac and Linux.
  • Very easy to add to. You don't need to faff around with modifying HTML; instead you write a small file that includes all of the config options and the upload script (most of this is handled by capture.js anyway).
  • Very fast. Captures are optimised to be as fast as possible.
  • Very flexible. You can choose to upload to whatever service you want to or just save the file.

This is not for Windows!

ShareX is amazing for that!


Linux requires gnome-screenshot for this to work. The application should not be ran as root.

Supported Uploaders

MagicCap supports the following uploaders (this list will expand over time):

  • Custom HTTP POST
  • FTP
  • Pomf
  • imgur
  • i.novus
  • S3 (Amazon and other S3-compatible providers)
  • ShareX (upload only)


The following people have done a ton to help in the creation of MagicCap. If you have done something to help and want your name here, feel free to make a pull request. This is in alphabetical order, not the order of the work people have done:

  • Devon (Da532) - Made all of the branding.
  • Harrison (AO554) - Helped us test for Mac.
  • Jake (JakeMakesStuff) - Made the majority of the GUI/capture code for MagicCap.
  • Jake (techfan36) - Helped us test for Linux.
  • Rhys (SunburntRock89) - Helped me with the structure and fixing bugs. Also fixed FTP.
  • Sam (REC) - Made the FTP logo.


In order to download needed packages, run npm i. This will get all of the needed packages. You can then run one of the following commands:

  • npm run maccompile - Compiles for Mac.
  • npm run linuxcompile - Compiles for Linux.

Mac Note

If you are on Mac, you'll need to download XCode.


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