A image capture suite for Mac and Linux.


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MagicCap is a image capture suite for Mac and Linux. You can get a precompiled copy from the releases page of this GitHub page. It has the following features:

  • Very cross compatible. You should get the same experience on Mac and Linux.
  • Very easy to add to. You don't need to faff around with modifying HTML; instead you write a small file that includes all of the config options and the upload script (most of this is handled by capture.js anyway).
  • Very fast. Captures are optimised to be as fast as possible.
  • Very flexible. You can choose to upload to whatever service you want to or just save the file.


Linux requires gnome-screenshot for this to work. The application should not be ran as root.

Supported Uploaders

MagicCap supports the following uploaders (this list will expand over time):

  • Custom HTTP POST
  • FTP
  • Pomf
  • imgur
  • i.novus
  • S3 (Amazon and other S3-compatible providers)


The following people have done a ton to help in the creation of MagicCap. If you have done something to help and want your name here, feel free to make a pull request. This is in alphabetical order, not the order of the work people have done:

  • Devon (Da532) - Made all of the branding.
  • Harrison (AO554) - Helped us test for Mac.
  • Jake (JakeMakesStuff) - Made the majority of the GUI/capture code for MagicCap.
  • Jake (techfan36) - Helped us test for Linux.
  • Rhys (SunburntRock89) - Helped me with the structure and fixing bugs. Also fixed FTP.
  • Sam (REC) - Made the FTP logo.


In order to download needed packages, run npm i. This will get all of the needed packages. You can then run one of the following commands:

  • npm run maccompile - Compiles for Mac.
  • npm run linuxcompile - Compiles for Linux.

Mac Note

If you are on Mac, you'll need to download XCode.


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