An open-source screen recorder built with web technology

Website https://getkap.co
Repository https://github.com/wulkano/kap
Category Photo & Video
Keywords kap screen capture record video
License MIT
Downloads Kap-1.0.1-mac.zip Kap-
Latest Release v1.0.1 (v1.0.1)
Release Notes

Fixes 🏥

  • Bring back audio in recordings longer than 10 seconds wulkano/aperture@6e6daf4
  • Fix cropper window size update a43af5f
  • Added a nice animation to the button groups 💅 f9cc3b1
  • Update ffmpeg download URL d157bb3
  • Show Aperture errors and report to Sentry 5a98e3d
  • Move from our custom electron to the official one 9d5308b
  • Fix the slide behaviour when the controls are closing f73948a

Credits ❤️

Huge thanks to @Khaledgarbaya, @Meandmybadself, @sindresorhus and @konhondros for their help!


An open-source screen recorder built with web technology

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Get Kap

Download the latest release (macOS only)

Or install with Homebrew-Cask:

$ brew update && brew cask install kap


Read the contribution guide.

Dev builds

Help us test the bleeding edge of Kap: master
Note that this version is unsupported and may have issues.
We also have builds for other branches: https://kap-artifacts.now.sh/<branch>

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  • ▲ZEIT for the README formatting and for hosting our downloads and updates
  • ⬤CircleCI for supporting the Open Source community and making our builds fast and reliable
  • Our contributors who help Kap in its journey to make screen recording and sharing easy

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