powerful statistical spreadsheet powered by R

Descriptive statistics in jamovi
An ANOVA in jamovi
Website https://www.jamovi.org
Repository https://github.com/jamovi/jamovi
Category Productivity
Keywords spreadsheet statistics
License AGPL3
Latest Release Version (v0.8.1.11)
Release Notes
  • Added results formatting options
  • Fix to issues when running on Korean and Japanese locales
  • Fix to issues when running on old versions of windows 7
  • Fix to PDF export on windows
  • General bug-fixes and improvements


jamovi is a free and open statistics package, which is easy to use, and designed to be familiar to users of SPSS. It provides a spreadsheet editor, and a range of statistical analyses. jamovi can provide R syntax for each analysis that is run, and additional analyses for jamovi can be developed using the R language.

Come visit us at https://www.jamovi.org.

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