Fight over dat Ancient

Fight over dat Ancient

FODA - Free to play Online card game

Fight Over Dat Ancient

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A card game with magical heroes, each with unique skills and powerful abilities.

Play for free online in your browser or check us out on the Google play app store

Join our community and discuss the game rules at our Discord Server.


Feel free to fork or download and help build the game! You can even make a new hero

Visit our Wiki page where you can learn how to play with real cards and much more.

All artwork can be downloaded for free in high resolution.

Please report any suggestions, bugs or issues here at github.

Fight Over Dat Ancient

Hacking at Home (or Local server setup)

  1. Download and install Node.js

  2. Fork and clone this repo

  3. Install the dependencies: npm install (if all you will edit is the front-end, you can skip steps 4, 5 and 6 and just set MONGO_CONN="" inside .env)

  4. Create a free Mongo DB at (or at any other mongo server)

  5. Create an user to access your DB (you can do this, and all DB related setup, in the web interface)

  6. Create a collection named collection in your mongo db and inside it, create a document with this content: {"document": "dotacard"}

  7. Set up you environment config copping EXAMPLE.env to .env, then edit .env with your DB connection URL (in Windows you need to create .env. - note the last dot will be auto removed)

  8. Build client side bundle: npm run build (or grunt)

  9. Run the server: npm start (or node server.js)

  10. Happy Hacking!

After you change any UI code, you must access host:port/debug.html or run npm run build to bundle the code.

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