A music player which connects to your cloud/distributed storage


A music player which connects to your cloud/distributed storage.

📍 Available at https://diffuse.sh/


🌍 Web
Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge.

🖥 Native
MacOS, Linux & Windows.
Unique features: Add music from local filesystem, WebDAV & media-keys support.


More info

User layer

Music layer


Why don't you support WebDAV on the web version?
Most WebDAV servers aren't built according to the CORS specification. Which is a must-have for the web version, otherwise it doesn't work. The WebDAV version was built with NextCloud in mind.


  • Loads of Elm
  • A moderate amount of Haskell for the build system and static server
  • A tiny bit of Node (browserify vendor js & doc tests)


# This assumes that you are using macOS

brew install haskell-stack
brew install elm
brew install nodejs
brew install watchexec

npm install
stack setup

# Other dependencies
# 1. For building the Electron version
brew install makeicns
brew install imagemagick

How to run

# build + server + watch

# make a static `./build`
make build

# run tests
make test

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