Extra faithful replication of the original Pomodoro technique.

Chronobreak Pomodoro Timer
Chronobreak Pomodoro Timer
Category Productivity
Keywords pomodoro technique work timer segmenter minimalist basic
Latest Release Linux release & small bug fixes (v1.0.1)
Release Notes

This release includes a release build for Linux and small bug fixes, additionally fixing one annoying issue.



  • Added release build for Linux.


  • Fixed an issue where if CDN availability to styling was removed, design would be broken and inconsistent. Style is now available locally in app directory.
  • Fixed a bug where if next phase was started before timer end music finished, waiting timer song will loop forever until the next phase ends.


Open-source Pomodoro timer made in Electron that extra faithfully replicates the original technique, made in procrastination by Jordan Peters (Rollersteaam).

the Chronobreak timer

The first release of Chronobreak has been committed. Offers the basic functionality of an ordinary pomodoro timer but with enhanced interactions.

Drag clock numbers to set in place the set timings, and hear each click along the way. Initiate every session with a physical act, adding focus and flow via visual, audible and physical cues. And finally, set target focuses for a work block to determine your specific tasks. Timer completion cues and subtle drones, as well as an optional ticking of a timer each play their part in a very enjoyable timer.


Go to the Releases tab and download the latest version's .zip archive. Unzip it and run the 'Chronobreak' shortcut.

Want to contribute?

I would absolutely love for you to iterate on my design and improve it. Since this is my first rodeo with Electron and first real application of Javascript, much of my code could easily do with an improvement - such as modularization or classes.

Feel free to create a fork and a make a pull request when you've made good changes you want me to add to the project.

With good help, we could make a simple but brilliant technique even stronger as a productivity tool.

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