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Electron 4.0.5 2019-02-15T01:01:37Z ()

Release Notes for v4.0.5


  • Allowed filtering of remote.getBuiltin(), remote.getCurrentWindow(), remote.getCurrentWebContents and <webview>.getWebContents(). #16688


  • Added a patch to fix incorrect enumeration and instantiation of Node.js ciphers in the Crypto module. #16912
  • Electron no longer forwards IPC filtering events to app for dev-tools and extensions. #16716
  • Fixed a rare renderer hang in cc::ProxyMain::BeginMainFrame. #16946
  • Fixed an issue with promise methods not resolving correctly over ipc in the renderer process. #16654
  • Fixed broken save dialog on macOS for <a> downloads. #16647
  • Fixed crash when calling setProgressBar on macOS. #16727
  • Fixed issue whereby a user was not well informed when interacting with a menu submenu that did not have any visible MenuItems. #16847
  • Fixed memory leak when using webFrame and spell checker. #16772
  • Fixed submenus not responding to the visible: false MenuItem property. #16845
  • Fixed the enable property having no effect for top-level submenu MenuItems. #16857

Electron 4.0.4 2019-02-02T16:19:39Z ()

Release Notes for v4.0.4


  • Added getProcessMemoryInfo API. #16591


  • [security] Fixed vulnerability that allowed Node to be re-enabled in child Windows. blog post.
  • Change the NODE_MODULE_VERSION to 69. #16687
  • Restored support for AES-CFB cipher, which was lost when switching from OpenSSL to BoringSSL. #16617
  • Restored support for RIPEMD160 digest, which was lost when switching from OpenSSL to BoringSSL. #16574


Electron 4.0.3 2019-01-29T19:01:58Z ()

Release Notes for v4.0.3


  • Fixed a memory leak in desktopCapturer.getSources('screen') on macOS. #16555
  • Fixed an issue where data streamed from registerStreamProtocol could be truncated before completion. #16540
  • Fixed extra closing parenthesis. #16528
  • Fixed memory leak caused by webFrame.setSpellCheckProvider. #16524

Other Changes

  • Fixed speechSynthesis / text-to-speech. #16437


  • Documentation changes: #16487

Electron 4.0.2 2019-01-22T21:18:38Z ()

Release Notes for v4.0.2


  • Changed the file dialog presented by inputs with the type file to use sheets on macOS instead of detached modals. #16340
  • Fixed shell.beep() on Ubuntu. #16357
  • Fixed an issue whereby registerAccelerator was being set to the registerAccelerator property of its role even when registerAccelerator was undefined. #16314
  • Fixed crash when closing popup windows. #16478
  • Fixed delivery of IPC events to renderer processes when both contextIsolation and sandbox are enabled. #16376


  • Documentation changes: #16326

Electron 4.0.1 2019-01-04T21:00:29Z ()

Release Notes for 4.0.1


  • Allow passing a trace config as options to a "contentTracing.startRecording" call. #16158
  • Fixed crash on macOS when using globalShortcut for media keys when accessibility access is not granted. #16262
  • Throw an error if app.setAccessibilitySupportEnabled() is called before the ready event is emitted. #16268
  • Fixed incorrect foreground color on GTK menubar. #16223

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