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Finding Support

If you have a security concern, please see the security document.

If you're looking for programming help, for answers to questions, or to join in discussion with other developers who use Electron, you can interact with the community in these locations:

If you'd like to contribute to Electron, see the contributing document.

If you've found a bug in a supported version of Electron, please report it with the issue tracker.

awesome-electron is a community-maintained list of useful example apps, tools and resources.

Supported Versions

The latest three release branches are supported by the Electron team. For example, if the latest release is 2.0.x, then the 2-0-x series is supported, as are the two previous release series 1-7-x and 1-8-x.

When a release branch reaches the end of its support cycle, the series will be deprecated in NPM and a final end-of-support release will be made. This release will add a warning to inform that an unsupported version of Electron is in use.

These steps are to help app developers learn when a branch they're using becomes unsupported, but without being excessively intrusive to end users.

If an application has exceptional circumstances and needs to stay on an unsupported series of Electron, developers can silence the end-of-support warning by omitting the final release from the app's package.json devDependencies. For example, since the 1-6-x series ended with an end-of-support 1.6.18 release, developers could choose to stay in the 1-6-x series without warnings with devDependency of "electron": 1.6.0 - 1.6.17.

Supported Platforms

Following platforms are supported by Electron:


Only 64bit binaries are provided for macOS, and the minimum macOS version supported is macOS 10.10 (Yosemite).


Windows 7 and later are supported, older operating systems are not supported (and do not work).

Both ia32 (x86) and x64 (amd64) binaries are provided for Windows. Running Electron apps on Windows for ARM devices is possible by using the ia32 binary.


The prebuilt ia32 (i686) and x64 (amd64) binaries of Electron are built on Ubuntu 12.04, the armv7l binary is built against ARM v7 with hard-float ABI and NEON for Debian Wheezy.

Until the release of Electron 2.0, Electron will also continue to release the armv7l binary with a simple arm suffix. Both binaries are identical.

Whether the prebuilt binary can run on a distribution depends on whether the distribution includes the libraries that Electron is linked to on the building platform, so only Ubuntu 12.04 is guaranteed to work, but following platforms are also verified to be able to run the prebuilt binaries of Electron:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 and newer
  • Fedora 21
  • Debian 8