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Zettlr [ˈset·lər]

Zettlr is a powerful Markdown editor designed for people who work with text in a structured way and need to retain control over millions of words in thousands of files.

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The central window of Zettlr


  • File-agnostic writing: No fuzz from the app for your files!
  • Keep all your notes and texts in one place — searchable and without unnecessary extras!
  • Write text in a clean environment!
  • Enjoy writing at night with a built-in dark theme!
  • Browse through your files quickly using the integrated list of directories and the file list!
  • Do global searches to find exactly what you need!
  • Export your texts using Pandoc and LaTeX to get beautiful files to share!
  • Use modern Zettelkasten methods to get the maximum out of your thoughts and notes!

… and the best is: Zettlr is Open Source!

Get Zettlr

To install Zettlr, just download the latest release for your operating system! Currently supported are macOS, Windows, and Debian- and Fedora-based Linux systems. (And every other system electron runs on, if you build the app yourself).

The central window of Zettlr in its dark version

What next?

If you have downloaded Zettlr, head over to our website to get to know Zettlr. Refer to the Quick Start Guide, if you prefer to use software heads-on.


To start developing, simply git clone and npm install the app on your local computer:

$ git clone https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr.git
$ cd Zettlr
$ yarn install
$ cd source
$ yarn install

(Please note the second yarn install in the source directory. This is necessary if you want to build the app locally.)

If you use npm, this is also supported.

To explore the functionality and inner workings of the app, head over to our development documentation!

Before your first yarn start and everytime you've made changes to either the LESS-files or the templates, you need to run:

$ yarn less
$ yarn handlebars

to compile both the style sheets and the precompiled handlebars.js templates.


This software is licenced via the GNU GPL v3-License.

The brand (including name, icons and everything Zettlr can be identified with) is exluded and all rights reserved. If you want to fork Zettlr to develop another app, feel free but please change name and icons.

Impression of Zettlr Impression of Zettlr
Impression of Zettlr using the dark theme Impression of Zettlr using the dark theme

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