Research photo management


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Bring order to your research — use the power of Tropy to organize and describe your research photos so you can quickly find your sources whenever you need them.

Visit to learn more or follow @tropy on Twitter for important announcements. To get started, download the latest version of Tropy for your platform, check out the user's manual and join the discussion on the forums.

If you are interested to work on Tropy or create your own builds, please find more details below. Happy hacking!

Install from Source

Install the latest version of Node.js (at least the version that ships with the current Electron release) with node-gyp and all its requirements for your platform. On Linux you will also need to install the X ScreenSaver package (typically, libxss or libxss-dev).

Then clone this repository and run npm install to install all of Tropy's dependencies.

Creating Builds

To create a dev build for your current platform run the following scripts in order at the root of the repository:

node scripts/make clean
node scripts/make compile
node scripts/build

This will create a dev build of Tropy in the dist folder.

Running in Dev Mode

Alternatively, you can start Tropy in dev mode directly in the repository, by running npm start.


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