Awesome, hackable to-do list.

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An awesome, hackable to-do list.


Download the latest version here

Manage your to-do

  • Type your to-do in editor line, then press Enter.
  • Every day when you open this app, items that undone will be move to today's list.
  • Add your to-do of tomorrow in the same way.
  • Drag and drop your to-do item between today's list and tomorrow.
  • Click the date on the right and look up history.
  • Add time in today's list and set an alarm clock 5 min before it happens.

Use different sheet

  • Click super button with infinity icon to toggle the sheet switcher.
  • Add, remove sheet, or change the sheet's title if you like.
  • Set it to Cycle mode by clicking the button next to the head 'Today'.

Export your data

  • All of user data are placed in the folder storage of the app.
  • Edit the sheets.json to change the sheets' information.
  • Copy the content of todo.json or todo-*.json to export your data.


  • The messages in this app is written in Simplified Chinese, however, you can use its internal English translation or translate it yourself.

    • Copy the file resources/default/translation.json to the storage directory.
    • Enjoy the English version or customize the translation file.
  • This app is built with Electron and VueJS. If you are familiar with eithor of those, you can add custom.js to write your own code whenever the app launched. See the demo at resources/default/custom.js

  • As well as script, you can also add custom.css to write your stylesheets.

  • For getting the document layout of the app's page, you can press Control/Cmd+Shift+I to open the devtools panel, just like you do it in Chrome.



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