Super Productivity

To Do List / Time Tracker with Jira Integration. Makes you super productive!

Version 2.0 is on the way! You can check it out here

Super Productivity

This is a ToDo List / Time Tracker / Personal Jira Task Manager for Linux, MacOS and Windows to make you work super productively.

Work View with global links


  • Configurable and automatable Jira integration for:
    • searching and adding tasks from jira
    • creating (local/personal) sub tasks for your jira tickets
    • worklogs (tracking your work to jira)
    • Setting transitions aka setting tickets to in progress or done
    • Automatic notifications once your (current) task has changed or been commented on jira => no messy email notifications required any more
  • Time Tracking
  • Full control over your data, no tracking, no user accounts, no cloud
  • Customizable Pomodoro Timer
  • Sub Tasks
  • Sexy global pinboard to add quick links and project related files
  • Export your time sheets to Google Sheets
  • 'Take a break' reminder
  • Daily Schedule
  • Daily Summary
  • Full Keyboard Support
  • (Anti-) Distraction Pad
  • Different Themes!
  • Sync data between multiple instances

And much more!

Web Version

Check out the web-version. It is a little bit more limited (time tracking only works if the app is open and idle time tracking is disabled).

If you want the Jira Integration to work you have also to download and install the Super Productivity Chrome Extension.

Downloads & Install


Run sudo snap install superproductivity or install it manually from the releases page.

Ubuntu / Debian

#  add to sources
echo "deb stable super-productivity" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

# add bin tray key
wget -O -\?username\=bintray | sudo apt-key add -

# update sources and install
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install superproductivity


Install via homebrew cask:

brew cask install superProductivity

Or install superProductivity-latest.dmg from the releases page directly.


Install superProductivity_Setup_latest.exe from the releases page.

Android & iOS

For Android and iOS it is recommended to use the web-version. You can then add the app to your start screen via the browser. Here is a guide that explains how to do it.

Gnome Shell Integration

There is also an extension which integrates the application into the status bar.


How to run on iOS/Android
Answer: Use the web version.

Build and run for yourself

git clone
cd super-productivity
# install electron, gulp, bower and node gyp globally
npm install -g electron node-gyp gulp bower
npm install && bower install
gulp build # or for dev run 'gulp'/'gulp serve' in a separate tab
npm start # on windows use "set NODE_ENV=DEV electron ./electron/main.js" instead


There are several ways to help. Publishing a bug or a feature request is a good first step. Also making it more popular by posting it on social media etc. is great, because it means more users, which in turn leads to more people testing the app and also more people contributing code.

Pull requests are of course also very welcome. Please make sure that you're following the angular commit guidelines and to also include the issue number in your commit message, if you're fixing a particular issue (e.g.: feat: add nice feature with the number #31).

Packaging the app

Packaging the app is done via electron-builder. To start packaging run npm run dist. If you want to add new platforms and experiment with the build options the easiest way to do so is manipulating the build property in the package.json, but you can also the command line interface of electron builder.

More Screenshots

Daily Planner submit-worklog agenda daily-summary plan time-tracking-history

Build with the awesome electron.

Daily Planner Daily Planner
Daily Summary Daily Summary

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