Standard Notes

A simple and private notes app. Encrypted, open-source, and extensible.

Category Productivity
Keywords note notes private encrypted productivity todo task markdown sync
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Latest Release 2.1.1 (v2.1.1)
Release Notes
  • Fixes issue where app may lag if a note has more than 10 tags
  • Fixes issue where the reloading of an extension window caused it to destroy its communication bridge.
  • Other fixes.

This application makes use of the core JS/CSS/HTML code found in the web repo. For issues related to the actual app experience, please post issues in the web repo.


Build for all platforms:

electron-packager . "Standard Notes" \
  --platform=all \
  --icon=icon/icon \
  --overwrite \
  --osx-sign='Mac Developer ID Application: xxx' \


On Linux, download the latest AppImage from the Releases page, and give it executable permission:

chmod u+x standard-notes*.AppImage

Alternative Downloads

The Standard Notes desktop client is also available through a variety of package managers:


Licensed under the GPLv3:

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