Simple tool for supercharging your scripts.

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A simple tool for supercharging your scripts - The aim of this app, is to provide a GUI for admins to easily run scripts, and deliver those scripts to non-technical end users in a simple, non-threating way. 🐤

Admin Mode adminScreenshot

Simple Mode - for end users simpleScreenshot

💾 Releases 🎉


  • Simple Self-Service mode for end-users
  • Admin mode with optional parameters and console
  • Optional launching scripts with admin rights
  • Info section for storing documentation

Planned Features

  • Cross Platform Support Linux and OSX
  • Support of Non Powershell Scripts
  • Saved sets of tasks
  • Pushing remote cmds

For more details see the: Road Map

Current Limitations:

  • Only works with Windows and PowerShell scripts.

Built with:



Admin mode screenshot Admin mode screenshot

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