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Simplenote for Electron


A Simplenote React client packaged in Electron. Learn more about Simplenote at


  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. npm install
  3. npm run dev
  4. The dev server will start on http://localhost:4000, and the Electron app will launch automatically.
  5. Sign up for a new account within the app. Use the account for testing purposes only as all note data will be periodically cleared out on the server.

Note: Simplenote API features such as sharing and publishing will not work with development builds. Due to a limitation of make installation paths used for build cannot have spaces.


  • make package-osx
  • make package-win32
  • make package-linux

Coding Guidelines

Please adhere to the same guidelines as found in wp-calypso.


Simplenote for Other Platforms

simplenote-electron is the official Simplenote desktop app for Windows and Linux.

For other platforms, see:


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