Cross-platform application for creating screenshots.

Website https://theshots.ru/
Repository https://github.com/binjospookie/--shots
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Keywords screenshots sharing productivity
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Latest Release v1.2.0 (v1.2.0)
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Integrate we love

Social network

Now you could post your screenshots from --shots to Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte!

Socials > Post on ...


Want to save your screenshot to Dropbox? No problems! Simply sign in and then save!



Not satisfied with dropbox? OK, we provide an alternative to you... Imgur!
Sign in and save :)


Imgur server sometimes very busy, so possible problems with authorization.

Dropbox and Imgur

You should to sign in only once(not for every saving).
For authorization we use OAuth 2.0


This version support MacOS!

That's all, folks.
_Thanks for your support and see you soon!_


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Task-focused application for creating screenshots. It's simple and free!
Just download the package for your OS and start working!
To access the tools use the global menu, context menu(click on the right mouse button) or shortcuts.
Project's site with video
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--shots in action

--shots in action

Why --shots

--shots provides all the tools you may need to work with screenshots.
It's forever free application without annoying ads and etc.

Learn about all the opportunities available here

Ways to save your screenshot

  • locally
  • to clipboard
  • to our servers. On success we put link to screenshot to clipboard
  • to Dropbox
  • to Imgur. On success we put link to screenshot to clipboard

Also you could post your screenshots from --shots to Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte.

Available tools

  • Arrow
  • Crop
  • Pen
  • Rect
  • Sticker
  • Blur
  • Text

All shortcuts here

How can I save screenshots on my own server?

  • Put functions.php and savePhoto.php on your server
  • Launch app
  • Open 'Settings' and click on 'Change server path'
  • Type path and click on 'Save'.

If you want send shots to default server just erase your path than click on 'Save'.
But you can't use admin-page.

How run --shots from console?

  • npm install
  • npm run && npm start

You cannot save screenshots to Dropbox or imgur, because we do not provide the keys of our application in the source code.

Posts about --shots

Podcasts about --shots

First commit was added 24 Sep 2016

If you want to thank us, just starring the project and tell your friends about --shots 🎉

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