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Keywords postgresql postgres sql database developer heroku csv
License MIT
Downloads Postbird-0.7.1.dmg
Latest Release Postbird 0.7.1 (0.7.1)
Release Notes

On first launch you will probably have to Right Click > Open in order to bypass the Mac OS warning.

  • Feature: Updating values in table
  • Show NULL as “NULL”
  • Fix CSV export, save more then 500 rows
  • Better text for deletting rows (Thanks to @nickheiner-usds)
  • Support Upper case for table names, columns, indexes
  • Reduce content page size to 200 rows
  • Add “Create Database” in top menu
  • Add refreshing mat. view
  • Fix renaming tables
  • Skip alert when pg native exception not compiled
  • Fix reset zoom & reload
  • Update readme and contributing guide
  • More async/await


Postbird is PostgreSQL GUI client for macOS, written in JavaScript, runs with Electron




Version 0.7.1

Postbird-0.7.1.dmg - OS X 10.9+ 64bit


Codeship Status for Paxa/postbird

Pull requests and suggestions are welcome

To run newest version, simply:

git clone
cd postbird
PATH=$PATH:/Applications/ # to compile postgres native extension
npm install
npm run rebuild_ext

See for more details

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