Poker time & blind tracker.

Phresh Poker Clock

Short story

  • Who deals?
  • Am I the blind?"

Does it sound familiar? - then this app will be useful for you!"

A friendly poker party in da' house, a bit drinking, talking, laughing, etc. Sometimes I forgot about I'm the one of the blinds.. and you?


  • Save tokens
  • Save players
  • Setup the match (select 2-10 players, 5 tokens, blindlift type and time, etc)
  • track rebuys (optional), tokens (at start and rebuy value), blind values and blindlift time, real bets (optional)

Blindlift types

  • Fix (Fix on the two smallest value token and not lift it) - for slower games
  • Gradual (the next small blind is always the previous big blind) - for normal games
  • Token pairs (the next small blind is the next value token after previous big blind, and after the highest token double the values of blinds) - for faster games


Welcome screen Tokens Players Match setup Game 1 Game 2 Game 3


Copyright (c) 2018, Krisztián Kis - Phresh-IT. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT License.


Poker Clock v1.0.0



Poker Clock


Clone or download the repo and navigate in console to the program's root folder.


npm install


npm start

Packaging (win32 is x86, others x64)

npm run pack-win32

npm run pack-win

npm run pack-lin

npm run pack-mac

Packaged zips not required installion, just unzip and run the executeable file.


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