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Website https://ivan770.github.io/PiQture/
Repository https://github.com/ivan770/PiQture
Category Productivity
Keywords screenshots screenshot picture photo bigquery png productivity
License MIT
Downloads piqture-linux-x64.zip piqture-win32-x64.zip
Latest Release PiQture 0.12.1 (0.12.1)
Release Notes

0.12.1 released!

Icon update

Thanks to @rauljoe, PiQture has it's own cool icon.


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PiQture is Electron-based screenshot tool, which allows you to use global shortcuts, cross-platform usage and high-quality capture


Now open-source

Now, PiQture is available for everyone. Everyone can review and edit the code. Let's make PiQture better!

PiQture uses a number of open source projects to work properly:


Currently, PiQture supports Windows and Linux x64, but you can build app using any Electron packaging tool for your platform. PiQture doesn't require installation, just run piqture.exe file and you're done!

URL Handler

By default, PiQture handle "piqture://" url's. If you try to visit this url in browser, PiQture will open up in windowed mode.

Global shortcut

PiQture will take Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt+S shortcut to take quick screenshots. Even if PiQture is minimized to tray, this shortcut will work.



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