Viewer for neural network models

Netron is a viewer for neural network, deep learning and machine learning models.

Netron supports ONNX (.onnx, .pb, .pbtxt), Keras (.h5, .keras), Core ML (.mlmodel), Caffe (.caffemodel, .prototxt), Caffe2 (predict_net.pb, predict_net.pbtxt), MXNet (.model, -symbol.json), NCNN (.param) and TensorFlow Lite (.tflite).

Netron has experimental support for TorchScript (.pt, .pth), PyTorch (.pt, .pth), Torch (.t7), CNTK (.model, .cntk), Deeplearning4j (.zip), PaddlePaddle (.zip, __model__), Darknet (.cfg), scikit-learn (.pkl), ML.NET (.zip), MNN (.mnn), OpenVINO (.xml), Chainer, (.npz, .h5), TensorFlow.js (model.json, .pb) and TensorFlow (.pb, .meta, .pbtxt).


macOS: Download the .dmg file or run brew cask install netron

Linux: Download the .AppImage or .deb file.

Windows: Download the .exe installer.

Browser: Start the browser version.

Python Server: Run pip install netron and netron [FILE] or import netron; netron.start('[FILE]').

Download Models

Sample model files to download and open:


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