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JavaScript Style Guide

Musify is a simple and fast music player, built from the ground up, using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, all wrapped on Electron Framework. This is my first project as a computer science student. I've tried my best to write a code that follows common coding conventions, but keep in mind that you may find spaghetti code, poorly documented code or common beginner errors. If so, feel free to help and contribute to improve this app.

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  • macOS: Version 0.8.2 - 110MB / .zip file Download

You can see the latest changes here.


This app is built using Electron. It requires the following dependencies:

    dialogs >=1.1.20
    electron >=1.7.11
    electron-builder >=19.55.3
    musicmetadata: >=2.0.5
    photonkit: >=0.1.2
    snazzy: >=7.0.0
    about-window: >= 1.10.0

To start developing, run the following commands (you'll need Node.js and npm already installed in your system):

    git clone
    cd musify
    npm run-script postinstall

To run the app, simply run:

    npm start

To fix js files, simply run:

    npm run-script fix

To build binary files, simply run one of the following:

    npm run-script package-mac
    npm run-script package-windows
    npm run-script package-linux


  • [] Shuffle songs
  • [] Loop only one song
  • [] Windows style
  • Start song again when previous song is pressed
  • [] Sort songs by attribute
  • [] Obtain online metadata when song does not have metadata
  • [] Play from YouTube
  • [] Prevent adding an already added song
  • [] Autoupdate


If you want to contribute, please follow this guidelines:


Please fill and follow the following structure when opening issues Sections in bold are required

  1. Type:
  2. OS:
  3. OS version:
  4. App version:
  5. When did the bug happen?:
  6. What did you try when the bug happened?:
  7. Description/More information:


Check out the file


All the releases can be found here.

beta 0.8.2:

  • Fixed footer bar that hid the last items on the playlist
  • New logo by @moenawar #1
  • Added new about window

beta 0.8.1:

  • Fixes a problem where songs removed could still be played
  • Adds a clear button
  • Songs are now parsed on addition, not on-the-fly
  • Fixes a problem that notified continuously a song change when the playlist ended


Copyright @SrGMC. Released under GPL-3.0.



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