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Latest Release v0.3.0-beta (v0.3.0-beta)
Release Notes



  • Proxy mode (#17): if activated all non defined routes are redirected to the specified URL
  • HTTPS support (#10): Mockoon now support HTTPS with a self signed certificate
  • Added an environment settings tab to set up proxy and HTTPS modes
  • Added a welcome screen with analytics opt out (#14 #18)
  • Added an application settings screen (currently only with analytics opt out)


  • Mockoon have now better and more visible tooltips (#13)


  • Deleting / adding routes now triggers the "environment needs refresh warning" (#19)
  • File download improvement, should correct corrupted files bug (#22)


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Mock servers in seconds

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What is it?

Mockoon is a free server mocking tool built with Electron and available on Windows, Linux and MacOS. You can download it here:


Feel free to test it and give some feedback!

Give feedback

All feedback is welcomed. But please follow these simple guidelines before submitting a new feature or a bug:

  • search the opened issues before opening any issue
  • try to give maximum details in order to reproduce the bug (providing the mock data you used could be useful)
  • purpose of Mockoon is to be simple, fast, easy to use, so keep in mind that most features may not be implemented! On purpose.

More to come

If you want to know what will be coming in the next releases you ou can check the milestones or directly check the features requests here.

New releases will be announced on my personal Twitter account @255kb and through the newsletter to which you can subscribe here.

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