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Latest Release Insert Image -- drag image to the editor so easy (see the edit menu for detail) (v0.7.17)
Release Notes




  1. Check for updates..., and auto update when update available.(Still need signature...😢)

  2. Insert Image: ( In edit menu )

    • absolute path

    • relative path

    • Upload Image to cloud

  3. Add file icons to languages when create code block or change language in code block.


Bug fix

  1. It's hard to focus the input in code fence.

  2. When input the language in code block, click the language item will not cause hide the float box.

  3. other bugs in code block.

  4. Windows user can not use open with feature.

  5. The menu disapear in Linux sysyem.

  6. Fix the bug that the language highlight disapear when open markdown file with code block

  7. remove the symbol in output styled html. #41

  8. escape the raw Markdown when open the markdown file. #37


  1. allow user to change install directory on windows.

  2. Show notification when output HTML and PDF successfully.

  3. update css-tree to latest version.

  4. Add lineWrapping is true to codeMirror config

mark text

Mark Text

🔆Next generation markdown editor🌙
An Electron app for platforms of OS X Windows and Linux

This Markdown editor that could. Built with ❤︎ by Jocs and contributors


  • Realtime preview and use snabbdom as it's render engine.
  • Support CommonMark Spec and GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec.
  • Support paragraphs and inline style shortcuts to improve your writing efficiency.
  • Output HTML and PDF file.
  • Dark and Light themes.
  • Various edit mode: Source Code modeTypewriter modeFocus mode.

🌙Dark and Light themes🔆

Dark 🌙 Light🔆

😸Edit modes🐶

Source Code Typewriter Focus

Why write another editor?

  1. I love writing, I have used a lot of markdown editors, there is still not a editor can fully meet my needs, I don't like to be disturbed when I write, and some unbearable bug, Mark Text use virtual DOM to render the page, So it's high efficiency, and open source to friends all love markdown and writing.
  2. As mentioned above, Mark Text will be open source forever. It is also hoped that all markdown lovers can contribute their own code, and develop Mark Text into a popular markdown editor.
  3. There are many markdown editors, and each editor has its own characteristics, but it is also difficult to satisfy all markdown users' needs. I hope Mark Text can satisfy markdown users' needs as much as possible. Although the latest Mark Text is still not perfect, but we are trying to make it perfect.

Download and Install

Mark Text build for these platforms Conda

latest version latest version latest version

Not found your system ? Go the the release page, still not found ? Shoot an issue.

Want to see new features in this version? Refer to CHANGELOG

If you use OS X system, you can install Mark Text by homebrew cask, to start using Homebrew-Cask, you just need Homebrew installed.

brew cask install mark-text


If you wish to build Mark Text yourself.

  • first clone this repo.
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm run build
  • copy the build app to Applications folder, or if on Windows run the executable installer.

When you use Mark Text, if you have any questions, you are welcome to write an issue, but I hope you follow the format of issue. Of course, if you can submit a PR directly, it will be appreciated.


Mark Text is in full development, please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request. Want to add some features to Mark Text? Refer to TODO LIST

Thank you to all the people who have already contributed to Mark Text! If you are contributor in contributors, Open a PR to add you name and photo to the contribution list bellow.

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Jocs ywwhack notAlaanor



Copyright (c) 2017-present, Jocs

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