npm management through a modern UI

Luna - NPM management through a modern UI

npm desktop manager for handling npm packages. Supported platforms: OS X Windows and Linux. Build on Electron


  • Manage global packages
  • Analyze a local directory using package.json
  • Search npm for new packages
  • Install new packages - multiple
  • Uninstall packages - multiple
  • Update existing packages
  • Preview package details (versions, statistics, dependencies and more)
  • Get notifications for missing dependencies

There have been no commits in X weeks. Is Luna dead?

No! It's just that I have other things to do related to my daily job. The software is working just fine as it is. Bugs will be fixed. Some new things will come at some point. If you want to help me you can make a PR! :)


Latest stable release (v2.2.0)


Debian Download

AppImage Download



MacOS (v2.1.0)

Download update release soon


Install application's dependencies:

npm install

In order to start the development server:

npm run dev

As of version 2.2 because there are some core dependencies updates you have to remove the node_modules folders and run a clean install


If you'd like to make some changes:

  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device
  2. Install npm globally and run npm install to install application's dependencies
  3. Build and start the application with npm run dev
  4. Submit a pull request with your changes 💥


If you have installed the previous version v1.2.0 you have to remove the node_modules folder and make a clean npm install. Previous version 1.2.0 codebase is now on UI/bootstrap branch.

For the previous version of the application you can use the UI/bootstrap branch You have to remove the node_modules folder and run a clean install then use:

git checkout UI/bootstrap

npm install

if you encounter permission problems on Linux try:

sudo npm install --allow-root


Luna is alive thanks to these great libs and frameworks:






luna - npm management luna - npm management

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